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HAWA-Frontego 30/matic

Automated hardware system for flush-front folding sliding shutters weighing up to 30 kg (66 lbs.).

This fully automatic hardware system for flush-font folding sliding shutters weighing up to 30 kg per panel opens up new possibilities for large-surface façade designs as screened areas of up to 12 m2 for 6-panel installations are possible; for commercial buildings, hotels, private homes and apartment blocks. HAWA-Frontego 30/matic for 2, 4 and 6-panel systems can be fitted to the ceiling, wall or lintel from the inside and from the outside; customised designs, pre-assembly and retro-fitting ae all possible. Whilst these advantages are clearly visible, the technology behind them is not: the drive unit and control system are completely integrated to save even more space.

Certified and DIN proved

  • Hardware system developed in accordance with DIN EN 13659, which regulates performance and safety requirements
  • Wind load resistance (certified for Class 6, tested for Class 8), durability (20,000 cycles, tested for Class 3)
  • Protection and safety measures on the basis of DIN EN 12453
  • Very high corrosion resistance, suitable for coastal areas; materials and coatings tested during a 1,000-hour salt spray test in accordance with DIN EN 9227

HAWA-Frontego 30/matic

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HAWA-Frontego 30/matic

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HAWA-Frontego 30/matic is available from authorised installers.